SAP Cloud Platform

What is SAP Cloud platform?

Cloud computing has become a trend nowadays! So, keeping up with this trend, SAP came out with the SAP Cloud platform. Launched as an openĀ platform-as-a-service (PaaS), it promises to deliver core platform services and unique in-memory capabilities for building and extending cloud applications that are mobile-enabled.

How is SAP Cloud Platform distinct?

  • March ahead in the digital world by leveraging intelligent tools and capabilities dealing with IoT, Big Data, analytics, design thinking and much more.
  • Smartly integrate your cloud applications with their on-premise counterparts and vice-a-versa using pre-packaged integration content, and orchestrate them as APIs to enhance productivity.
  • Never compromise on your crucial data! Manage it effectively by gaining insights from live transactional data using most advanced in-memory data management technology.
  • Expand the scope of your business operations, without affecting the stability of current processes. Extension and innovation under the same roof!
  • Create and deliver the best of digital experience using SAP Cloud Platform Experience Maker, an exclusive tool built for the purpose.